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10 of the Best Team Building Ideas

We’ve previously talked about why team building is great for business, so today let’s have a look at some of the best team building ideas that are out there. If you’re looking for ways to bring a group together, look no further!

Tug of war

A simple one to start off with. Tug of war has been played for centuries and has never failed to arouse team spirit – it is essentially team competitiveness in its most basic form. What’s more, it’s affordable and straightforward to organise – all you’ll need is 2 teams, a rope, and a big enough space and you’re good to go.

Apprentice-style tasks

Due to the popularity of the TV show, there’s been an epidemic of Apprentice-style team building events. In fact, we’ve found our own Apprentice Challenge to be one of our most popular activities. Much like the TV show, teams must work together to come up with a product which they then present to a judge (who’s hopefully a bit less aggressive than Sir Alan).

Zip lining

Always popular for teambuilding, zip lining is a great excuse to get your fellow workmates outdoors. With the wind sailing through your hair the office couldn’t seem further away – just hope that the weather holds up!

2 lies, 1 truth

This is more of an exercise than an activity, but it is a perfect ice-breaker for groups who’ve just met. The objective is to tell the group 3 statements about yourself with only one of them actually being true. Not only are you forced to think outside of the box, but you also learn personal stories you might never have discovered otherwise.

Cocktail making

Another team building event for the creative at heart – you’ll find as the cocktails flow so will the conversation. But why not combine cocktail-mixing with chocolate? Our mouth-watering choc-tails are to die for and no that’s not just the booze talking!

Flash mobbing

You’re probably already aware of flash-mobbing; it’s when a group of people suddenly gather in a public space to perform a pre-rehearsed routine, usually a dance or a song. This is a relatively modern team-building event but it’s been found to be so effective that it’s now used by top companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Disney and Ford.


One of the main purposes of team building is to build team trust and what better way to do that than by placing your life in the hands of a colleague!

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger/treasure hunts come in various forms and guises but are usually based around a theme – for example, hunting pirate treasure or orienteering in woodland. Scavenger hunts are great for improving a group’s problem-solving skills and they also require excellent communication between  individual team members.

Clay-pigeon shooting

People love to shoot things. Fact. People dislike pigeons. Fact. What better way to bond with colleagues than to collectively take your anger out on clay versions of these winged beasts?

Chocolate making

You probably saw this one coming, but in our opinion chocolate making is the best way to bring a team together. It’s messy, it’s fun and it’s delicious – what more could you possibly want from a team building task!