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5 Reasons Why Team Building Is Great For Business

5 Reasons Why Team Building is Great for Business

Most business leaders agree that good team-building is a key part of any successful company. There are some managers, however, who do not recognise the benefits of team building and would not think to use it to help their business. Here at MyChocolate, we’ve seen first-hand the advantages of team building, so we thought we’d lay down the 5 main reasons why it can help your company.

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1 .Goals are fully realised

In a team building environment, goals are clearly laid out and collaborated on within the whole group. With the right amount of support and feedback, each team member will fully understand the objective and expectation placed upon them. This in turn means all team members have a vested interest to successfully complete their task and help the group.

2. Open communication is urged

By its very nature a team encourages communication, so it’s no real surprise that any great team will have great communication at the heart of it. With team building exercises, members of a group are reassured that their contributions are valued and welcomed. Creating an environment where no question is too absurd is exactly how problems are solved, systems are improved and new ideas are borne.

3. Members gain a sense of place and purpose

True motivation within a team comes from members fully believing in the role they play within it. Good team building allows leaders to delegate tasks whilst giving them a proper context to the overall activity. With open communication, team members will also begin to offer up their expertise to the group. This can not only improve the effectiveness of a team’s work, but can also give individual members a further sense of ownership to the task at hand.

4. Trust is built

Trust is a key element to working relationships; both business and personal. Team building exercises ensure a lot of trust is placed in both team leaders delegating tasks and team members carrying out those tasks. Once trust within a team has been established, and strengthened through positive feedback and constructive criticism, it can be easily transferred to a working environment.

5. There is a shared sense of achievement

When a team building task is successfully completed, a feel good factor begins to flow through a group. This feeling comes from a communal sense of accomplishment. This can be very powerful for business as it breeds a winning mentality, which for a company becomes infectious and repeatable.

There are plenty of team building activities that can help improve your business model. We may be a little biased, but we believe that chocolate workshops are a great way to build up communication, purpose and trust within a team. On that note, we reckon anyone who doesn’t want to make chocolate is pretty untrustworthy to begin with!  Check out our unique team building activities for more information.