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What should you look for in your next corporate event to create a memorable experience for your team?

Creating memorable experiences as a team is hugely important for boosting morale, creating and strengthening working relationships and getting your team to think outside of their usual work. A corporate team building event that allows the team to relax but also think and function creatively can have many beneficial impacts on your work place. So what should you look for in your next corporate event?


A little Healthy Competition

Bringing a competition element into a teambuilding event is always a fantastic idea. Firstly, competition is healthy and often involves mixing up roles within your team. This allows everyone to access their full range of skills which can highlight people’s strengths, as well as showing how people work well as a team.

Also, problem solving is a key part of competition within an event, which importantly, means colleagues thinking outside of the box and engaging specific skills to get their team further within their challenge. This can then be brought back into the workplace, either as skills they’ve learnt or little challenges and competitions that allow people to work together and develop their skills as a team, which as studies show, does wonders for your business.

At My Chocolate, we run the Apprentice Chocolate Challenge where teams create a chocolate product for a specific market segment. It’s a race against the clock as teams define roles and identify their market niche before diving into creating their chocolate product, packaging and sales pitch. This high paced competition mixes up roles in teams as for example, the head honcho boss becomes the Chocolatier and the Apprentice becomes the Project Manager. This mix up can allow for different strengths to be realised by employees as they are challenged under the pressure of the competition and time limits.



Building and Nurturing Connections

Strengthening connections within your team is such an important part of allowing that team to excel and function well. Using a corporate team event to play games or take part in a fun activity that allows colleagues to get to know each other in a new way can be really fun and refreshing.

In our Virtual Chocolate Making workshops, we encourage teams to play “Two Truths and a Lie”- this allows colleagues to think outside of the box about two things that are true in their life (but maybe they have never shared) along with something that is a lie (but they may be able to pass off as the truth). As a team they can work together to see if anyone knows if any of the facts are true or not to then settle on an answer. We love implementing fun ways for colleagues to get to know each other as it allows the team to discover new information and open up exciting conversations. Ultimately, the better that colleagues know each other, the stronger their connections are.



Fun Creativity

Studies show show that a lack of creativity in the workplace can cause lack of progression on projects and work in general. This is because creativity in work, often means taking a risk, which can be scary and uncertain.

Doing creative things allows you to understand each other more and how you work. In our Truffle Making workshops, you are able to see how everyone crafts, shapes, designs and decorates their truffles. Some people will be very neat and precise, others will be more messy and abstract. Some will follow ‘less is more’ whereas others will follow ‘more is more’. All of these differentiations allow you to understand what makes your colleagues tick and how you can work more effectively with them. Who knew that some truffle making could be so beneficial for your business?!


So, if you are looking for a way to get to know your team more, allow them to bond and to get creative, then consider booking an event that will leave you with memorable experiences. There are so many benefits to stepping away from work to do something competitive, creative and fun. We guarantee it will have a positive effect on your colleagues and the workplace.

Why not book a corporate team building event today – at My Chocolate we have so many choices – what’s stopping you?