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Corporate Events: From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

Corporate Events: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

We at My Chocolate feel we have it pretty good.

We get to spend our days planning and hosting delicious chocolate events and team building exercises.

chocolate team building

It’s not a bad existence!

However, lately we’ve been having fun checking out how the ‘other half’ live – you know, the half who have their own helipads, a chauffeur and houses dotted around global.

We’ve done a little rekkie of the ‘net and discovered the most extravagant corporate event experiences out there.

Here are the ones that most tickled our fancy:

Not Quite Do Wah Diddy

Yeh, Cheryl Cole is no slouch on X Factor, but dontcha just miss her singing with the other lasses? Well, fret no more! For a not so modest fee, you can hire Girls Aloud to sing at your company’s bash. For the older clientele, we have Depeche Mode or for the discerning older lady, hunky opera boys Il Divo.

Celeb Speakers

Did you ever read that book, ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss? The one written for men and explains how to pick up just about any single lady? How about hiring the author as your guest speaker? (NB Not quite sure how this will boost your company’s profits). Or you could bring in a certain Mr G Ramsay, but we wouldn’t recommend asking him for dating tips.

Drive a Bentley on Ice

We’re not totally convinced of the benefits of this one. Fly to the Finnish wilderness, take this classic Brit car for a spin on a frozen lake – this seems like some kind of advanced driving proficiency course. But the bit about the huskies and the traditional Lapp dinner sounds good.

Your Very Own Submarine

Yes, for an undisclosed amount, you can drive your very own two-seat submersible. Designed to “fly” underwater, The Super Aviator allows you to experience the wonders of the ocean without getting wet. Just don’t say, “Red October”.

Rent a Private Island

You’d have to have done something pretty damn impressive to get HR to agree to this corporate event. Bahamas? Seychelles? Oh it’s a hard choice. As long as it comes with it’s own fully staffed bar and a white sandy beach, we’re not too picky.