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Four Ultimate Tips for Better Corporate Entertainment

When it comes to the business of ‘corporate entertainment’, there’s plenty of people out there to tell you up from down and right from wrong.  But quite a lot of the advice smacks of teaching your dear old grandma to suck the proverbial (chocolate) egg. ‘Research your clients and potential events properly’ decries Bloggs of Blogg Inc.

Blast and damn. Those stockbroker fellows seemed such ideal candidates for the basket-weaving course, but now you say it, it might not be quite the ticket…

Or ‘Explore your options to get more for your money.’ In these belt-tightening times, that’s second nature to most of us. Whether it’s a case of scouring the internet for the very cheapest flights, or swapping Net-a-Porter for Outnet (shopaholics unite!), we’re all down with saving the pennies.

So keeping it short and sweet, here are My Chocolate’s 4 ultimate tips for better corporate entertainment:

1. Make sure it entails some kind of vice. Betting (day at the races, day at the dogs), strong liquor (whiskey tasting is a safe bet) or any kind of death by chocolate is a sure  fire thing.

2. Get the music right. Whether it’s live or piped, avoid any particularly controversial genres, (happy hardcore, particularly cheesy RnB, Jedward). Our advice?  You can never go wrong with a little Aretha Franklin or Earth, Wind and Fire.

3. For goodness sake, don’t let it involve any of the following dubious categories spotted on client ents websites: mentalists, inflatables, ventriloquists, Paul McKenna.

4. Make it memorable. Sometimes work can feel like ground hog day, and truly great corporate entertainment is an unbeatable opportunity for your clients (and not forgetting you!) to step out of the box, and experience something completely different. If it gets you excited, chances are they’ll enjoy it too.

Bon chance!