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Fun Teambuilding Activities: Our Top Tips

Fun Teambuilding Activities: Our Top Tips

Fun. It’s a curious word, isn’t it? And one that means very different things to different people. Let’s take bungee jumping. Scores of people the world through find leaping off an extremely high place with a rubber ankle tie attached to a post…well, fun. Now, we at My Chocolate are an open-minded lot and of the opinion, “whatever floats your boat”. With this in mind, we’ve had a little office brainstorm and come up with our 5 top fun team-building activities for your delectation:

#1 Chocolate Challenge

Well, you didn’t think we were going to put something else at no.1 surely? Not do you get to make and eat plenty of amazing chocolate, the competition gets fierce with our adrenalin-fuelled treasure hunt and Dragon’s Den style judging panel. Watch out, your truffle better be good enough for Deborah Meadon!


#2  Blindfold Driving

Ok it must be the daredevil in us, but the prospect of driving a 4×4 blindfolded is somehow appealing. When else would you get to be so reckless? Oh, but we should mention, your colleagues will be in the vehicle with you too, yelling “Left a bit…right a…noooooo!”.

#3 Sand-sculpting

Apparently you’ll defy the law of physics with this activity. Brilliant fun but sadly, Bournemouth beach might not be quite the place for it in December. Brrr.


#4 Cocktail-Making

Yum, we have a soft spot for cocktails at My Chocolate HQ. Learn how to mix your own Bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach..all good clean fun.

#5 Gourmet Food Challenges


For the foodies among you, there are a dazzling variety of options out there. Italian, Chinese, Thai, French…get your frying pans at the ready! As it goes, gourmet experiences are a My Chocolate speciality, focusing around chocolate, naturally. Shaken or stirred? Make your own chocolate martini, sample balsamic chocolate dip with artisan breads as well as chocolate olive tapenade with goats cheese, specially flavoured truffles…we could go on. But we won’t as you’ll start drooling on your keyboard. Alcohol, food, chocolate – meeting every criteria of a fun team-building activity!