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Hen Party Do’s and Don’ts

A hen party is the last hurrah for a bride to be, so it’s got to be special and revolve entirely around her. If you’ve been given the honour of organising the party, thinking of unusual hen do ideas can be tricky and whilst unusual ideas can be great, if they’re not planed properly they also have the potential to go haywire, so it’s best to keep to some simple do’s and don’ts when planning a hen party. They may all seem obvious, but can be easily forgotten!

Firstly, your good decision making must start at day one of planning, choosing activities which involve everyone, giving the chance for everyone to chat if they already know each other, or get to know each other if they don’t. Ensure that your party idea ‘matches’ your guest-list, for example if you’re inviting the mother in law to be and she’s a bit of a prude, then anything too risqué may be inappropriate, leaving both you and her feeling more than a little awkward. Remember, you can always save the crazy stuff for those who make it past bedtime and keep it a bit more civilised during dinner or drinks beforehand.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t go all out though, as long as everything is within your budgets then you can really go for it, so if dressing up is your thing, then really go mad for it! (Take a look at our top ten hen party costume ideas for some MyChocolate inspiration…) Word on the street is that the best hen parties strike a good balance between drinking/eating/doing just to make sure everyone is keeping up and having a great time. We also like the idea of having plenty of fun games and trivia ready for the evening, so at any point you can crack out a great game or fun fact or trivia about the bride. However, our big no-no tip would be not to go too far with anything, you don’t want anything to happen that might mar your memories of a great party, hilarious and embarrassing stories are great, just don’t get into anything you’re not proud of or end up in a crazy Hangover style situation, the bride may not thank you for it!

Overall, if you’re planning a hen party, it’s because you’re the bride’s best friend – and she’s rightly trusting you to put together a fantastic party. Therefore probably the easiest pitfall to fall into is making things too much about your friendship and the things you enjoy together, so it’s just a case of remembering that her other guests may know her in an entirely different capacity and not enjoy doing the things you two might do together. Yet at the front of your party planner mind should always be the fact that you’re planning a party for your best friend- and what could be more fun than that?!