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How To Plan A Unique Hen Party Event

Planning the perfect hen party shouldn’t be a chore, so relax and take a look at MyChocolate’s top 6 ideas for planning the perfect evening or weekend (including some unique hen party events) with your friends to luxuriously see of your last free moments …

1. Perfume Creation – For a pretty original hen party, why not get together with your friends and let the creative juices flow, by making your very own perfume. This fragrant idea is guaranteed to be fun and get everybody together rallying off ideas of what’s pleasant and what pongs.

2. Pampering & cocktails – Pretty traditional but that’s for a reason, it’s golden. Every woman likes to feel special and what’s better than pampering yourself in the company of friends with massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Oh and having a few cocktails of course!

3. Party games – It’s a simple but very effective idea that can help unite a big group and will break the ice between new groups better than a fat penguin. This is endless, whether it’s wedding themed or not so why not get creative? Story time, never have I ever, dress the bride, the handbag game, Mr & Mrs, rate the man, banned words… we really could go on.

4. Vintage tea party with an arts & crafts twist – This is a perfect idea to get everybody involved and having fun. For the ultimate gal who loves make-up and being creative a great idea is to choose a decade and everybody will dress up and have a makeover to fit that decade and then have a tea party. Think sophisticated 60’s tea party. A great little addition to the theme is to add some arts & crafts, like making all of the cute vintage decorations and bunting. This is a great plan for a truly relaxed hen party.

5. Baking, cooking & dinner party – If the bride to be has a bit of a passion for cooking and fancies herself as a bit of a foodie. Getting everybody in the kitchen to display their culinary skills will be great fun (and more than likely a little competitive too). Whether it’s treating her to a dinner party or getting in the kitchen and baking some cake! The hen is guaranteed to have a fun food filled party, and I’m sure there will be time to squeeze in a glass of wine or two in the process.

6. Camping (well … Glamping) – Perhaps we’re dealing with a very outdoorsy hen? Another unique hen party idea is camping, or more than likely glamping will be another great way to get away and truly unwind and have some fun with friends. I mean it’s camping without all the bad bits, in fact glamping tents aren’t the traditional nylon jigsaws we imagine. They are beautiful tee-pee looking havens with all of the facilities of a hotel room. What a great idea!

And after masterminding your incredible plan, nobody wants tensions or hiccups at the party. So, although we can’t help you with the post party hangover, here are MyChocolate’s top tips for a smooth and enjoyable party:

  • Organisation is crucial – Child’s play. If everything is well planned then everybody can relax and have fun from the off.
  • Define a budget – Ensure the budget for the evening/weekend is accurate and in line with everybody’s pocket, eliminate rifts and tears over who had an extra cocktail.
  • Swot up on the guest list – Nothing is more embarrassing than somebody knowing your name, but you not knowing theirs. Prior to the party, ensure you know who everybody is in order to give a nice friendly welcome from the off.
  • Ice Breaking – Hen parties are more than likely going to include the bride’s family and friends from home, university, work, etc. So there are likely to be a few unfamiliar faces, so a great tip is to break the ice by getting to know them a bit before and playing some silly group games.
  • Prioritise the bride – Last but certainly not least, given you are there to give the bride a wonderful send-off it is vital to make sure she has a fantastic party and gain a lot of great memories.

If you’re planning a hen party event why not try one of our special hen party workshops?