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Keep Calm and Carry On

You can never guarantee that things are going to run 100 % smoothly but here at My Chocolate we are sticklers for organising ahead.

Team Events Cupcake

One day that might mean figuring out the logistics of getting several kilos of chocolate, four of our lovely teachers, a cocoa bean treasure chest and 10 cases of dessert wine to Munich; on another it may mean rigorously taste-testing strawberry cupcakes and whoopie pies for our new cupcake workshop – it’s a hard life sometimes!

With this in mind, we bring you our Event Planning Top Tips:

  1. Make sure that invitations are sent out well in advance and have a clear date to RSVP. Don’t forget to include a note dietary requirements and access options.
  2. Time to break out Excel! Have timetables for invitations; acceptances; organising accommodation and travel; delegates’ options; tickets for conference dinner, the full caboodle. And don’t forget a timetable for the day itself, with allocated roles for your team.
  3. Your team will only perform smoothly if you fully brief everyone on their roles and relevant information. Make your expectations clear. Fire up staff with your belief in their individual abilities.
  4. When deciding on your venue, shortlist at least 3 options. When you pay your visit, bear in mind the transport links, facilities, friendliness of the staff and services available at no extra cost. Don’t forget to taste the food and wine while you are there. (And yes, that’s a must!)
  5. Take advantage of the in-house team at your conference venue. They will be familiar with the venue and able to offer free advice and help. They are also likely to have information available to assist you in organising such an event, or their event manager should be able to advise you as part of the overall package.
  6. Get advice from your entertainment agent for what works best in different venues. Usually live music works well for drinks reception and mealtime (we’re thinking less Kraut Rock, and more Bossa Nova, however!). Watch out as stand-up comedians can be loose canons, so best stick to a speaker who is talking on a pre-agreed and relevant topic for 30 minutes or so after dining.

Take a break: it’s going to be a long day, so if you can, stay at the venue, or close by the night before. Don’t forget to plan some breaks for you and your team throughout the day. Put your best foot forward – we know you’ll do a fabulous job!  See our team building events for more information.