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Office Christmas Party Horror Stories

Last year a few MyChocolate clients let me in on their Christmas Party horror stories!

Christmas Party Horror Story by Daniel, London.

Hugo Boss Suit: £570

Taxi to restaurant: £15

Babysitter: £20

Misreading the office party invitation and arriving one day early: Priceless

Christmas Party Horror Story by Katie, Glasgow

“With a little Dutch Courage, I made the disastrous mistake of telling my boss what I really thought of his training ideas at our last Christmas party.

At the time I remember thinking how helpful and constructive my comments were.

About 10 minutes into my speech, a colleague interpreted me.

She later told me that she had overheard me saying what a ‘waste of time’ his training workshops were and she thought it was about time she stopped me when I referred to his ‘dictator-style approach’”.

Christmas Party Horror Story by Simon, Manchester

“All I’m going to say is that it started with alcohol, involved a staircase and ended with a broken leg”.

Christmas Party Horror Story by Neil, London

A few years back my work had a Narnia themed Christmas party. To me ‘themed’ meant fancy dress. To everyone else it meant a room decorated with ice sculptures, fir trees and fairly lights.

Unfortunately I hadn’t red the internal e-mail saying the dress code was black tie. I turned up head-to-toe in a beaver suit”.

Christmas Party Horror Story by Alice, Birmingham

“Mine was the classic mistake of singing karaoke. Two years on and my team still haven’t forgotten, or forgiven, my performance of Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell”