How Many Staff Does It Take To Eat A Bar of Chocolate?

Is it me, or are there are times when it doesn’t feel like teamwork has much to do with anything in the workplace?

It’s hard to spot teamwork when you’re beavering away alone at your computer meeting a tight deadline or grabbing a sandwich to eat solo at your desk. Sometimes it seems like work is a choice between going it alone or being in competition with colleagues.

In this context, why do so many business books, business gurus and and well us at MyChocolate, bang on about teamwork?

Is teamwork really that important?images

In a word, yes!!

To remind you of the importance of teamwork, here are the best 5 reasons why we at MyChocolate think working as a team is essential:

  1. Teams are more successful at implementing complex plans and strategies. Because you can play to individual strengths, a team can tackle projects far more efficiently than a group of individuals working alone
  2. Teams come up with more creative solutions with their combined grey matter. And as teams continue to work together, many of them find that their individual work benefits from their new ability to see things from other member’s perspectives.
  3. Working in teams is an extremely effective way to ensure that objectives are met, and according to the latest research, spending time improving the way your business uses teams plays a very important part in increasing productivity. This is probably to do with a feeling of collective ownership and pride in the work that naturally develops when individuals are collaborating.
  4. Teams are more enduring than individuals. If you have one person who is responsible for a project, the loss of that person can send the project into a tailspin. When you rely on a team, the loss of one individual may be difficult, but the work of the team will continue.
  5. Cohesion as a team means a far nicer office culture; minimal back-stabbing and maximum solidarity. We know which workplace we’d rather work in! And while each company will have its own unique culture of either encouraging or discouraging team work, the onus is on all of us to do our part. So go on! Share that chocolate.
[Image provided by John Loo via flickr ]

Corporate Events: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

We at My Chocolate feel we have it pretty good.

We get to spend our days planning and hosting delicious chocolate events and team building exercises.

chocolate team building

It’s not a bad existence!

However, lately we’ve been having fun checking out how the ‘other half’ live – you know, the half who have their own helipads, a chauffeur and houses dotted around global.

We’ve done a little rekkie of the ‘net and discovered the most extravagant corporate event experiences out there.

Here are the ones that most tickled our fancy:

Not Quite Do Wah Diddy

Yeh, Cheryl Cole is no slouch on X Factor, but dontcha just miss her singing with the other lasses? Well, fret no more! For a not so modest fee, you can hire Girls Aloud to sing at your company’s bash. For the older clientele, we have Depeche Mode or for the discerning older lady, hunky opera boys Il Divo.

Celeb Speakers

Did you ever read that book, ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss? The one written for men and explains how to pick up just about any single lady? How about hiring the author as your guest speaker? (NB Not quite sure how this will boost your company’s profits). Or you could bring in a certain Mr G Ramsay, but we wouldn’t recommend asking him for dating tips.

Drive a Bentley on Ice

We’re not totally convinced of the benefits of this one. Fly to the Finnish wilderness, take this classic Brit car for a spin on a frozen lake – this seems like some kind of advanced driving proficiency course. But the bit about the huskies and the traditional Lapp dinner sounds good.

Your Very Own Submarine

Yes, for an undisclosed amount, you can drive your very own two-seat submersible. Designed to “fly” underwater, The Super Aviator allows you to experience the wonders of the ocean without getting wet. Just don’t say, “Red October”.

Rent a Private Island

You’d have to have done something pretty damn impressive to get HR to agree to this corporate event. Bahamas? Seychelles? Oh it’s a hard choice. As long as it comes with it’s own fully staffed bar and a white sandy beach, we’re not too picky.

Fun Teambuilding Activities: Our Top Tips

Fun. It’s a curious word, isn’t it? And one that means very different things to different people.

Team Building Events

Let’s take bungee jumping. Scores of people around the world find leaping off an extremely high ridge, with only a thin rubber ankle tie for support, a fun activity. And others will quiver at the thought!

Now, we at My Chocolate are an open-minded lot and of the opinion, “whatever floats your boat”. With this in mind, we’ve had a little office brainstorm and come up with our 5 top fun team-building activities for your delectation:

#1 Chocolate

Well, you didn’t think we were going to put something else at No.1 surely? Not only do you get to make and eat plenty of amazing chocolate, the competition also gets fierce with our adrenalin-fuelled treasure hunt and Dragon’s Den style judging panel. Watch out, your truffle better be good enough for Peter Jones!

#2  Blindfold Driving

Ok it must be the daredevil in us, but the prospect of driving a 4×4 blindfolded is somehow appealing. When else would you get to be so reckless? Oh, but we should mention, your colleagues will be in the vehicle with you too, yelling “Left a bit…right a…noooooo!”.

#3 Sand-sculpting.

Apparently you’ll defy the law of physics with this activity. Brilliant fun but sadly, Bournemouth beach might not be quite the place for it in December. Brrr.

#4 Cocktail-Making  

Yum, we have a soft spot for cocktails at My Chocolate HQ. We actually show guests how to blend chocolate martini’s in our Corporate Special workshop!

#3 Gourmet Food Challenges

For the foodies among you, there are a dazzling variety of options out there. Italian, Chinese, Thai, French…get your frying pans at the ready! As it goes, gourmet experiences are a My Chocolate speciality, focusing around chocolate, naturally. Make your own chocolate martini, sample balsamic chocolate dip with artisan breads as well as chocolate olive tapenade with goats cheese, specially flavoured truffles…we could go on. Alcohol, food, chocolate – meeting every criteria of a fun team-building activity!