Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

We may be a little biased and think that nothing could beat the gift of chocolate or – even better – a chocolate making experience for Mother’s Day, here’s a little list of our favourite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and treats.

  1. Flowers

    What better way to brighten not only your mum’s day but her house too? A bunch of flowers hanging about your house is not only good for mental wellbeing, but they will also put you in your mum’s good books for sure! Flowers in season mid-march include the hyacinth, which is symbolic of love and sincerity, and the daffodil, the ultimate sign that spring has sprung!

  2. Cook a Meal

    It was, most likely, your mum who made sure you were fed and watered every day when you were little, so why not return the favour? A three course slap up meal that you’ve put the time and effort of making into will make your mum feel treasured as anything – as long as you do the washing up too.

  3. Cocktails

    To go alongside that scrumptious meal why not treat your mum with the fanciest of fancy drinks, and take her out for some cocktails? From espresso martini’s to mojito’s now being served in most bars, you can take your pick of where to take her out and treat her. If you fancy ramping up your cocktails to a whole other level, look at our luxury chocolate making experience where you can make your own cocktails and your own chocolates!

  4. Spa Day

    Of all people, your mum deserves some TLC. Book in a spa day so that she can get the rest, relaxation and pampering that she deserves. Spa’s get their name from the town in Belgium, named after the Latin word Spargere, which means to scatter, sprinkle, or moisten. In more modern times, spa’s offer everything from massages to facials. There’s an endless supply of relaxing treats perfect for your mum out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.

  5. Photo Album

    For the well thought out, homemade approach, a photo album is the way to go. Your mum loves nothing more than to show off photos of you and your achievements, and this way you can include her and hers in the album too. For a bigger photo gesture, you could even get a family photo printed onto a canvas, so she can hang it in her house, and remember how much you love her every time she looks at it.

  6. Afternoon tea

    It’s the quintessentially British way to while away an afternoon, and is perfect for mums and grandmas alike. Tea, cake, coffee, scones… and maybe Prosecco if you’re lucky. Afternoon Tea has been going in England since about 1840 when it was introduced by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, so it’s a time old tradition. Be sure to choose your venue wisely; why not go for an afternoon tea with a view, to make it an extra special treat.

  7. Breakfast in Bed

    The ultimate in treating your ma like the queen that she is, fresh coffee and carefully selected pastries delivered as she lingers in her lie in is the perfect start to mothering Sunday. Why not put one of her favourite flowers on the tray too, to make it tailor made just to her.

  8. CD Mix

    Another homemade, sure fire winner, burning your mum a CD playlist of her favourite songs that she loves to bop along to will show just how much you care. Making sure there’s a mix of the songs she liked when she was younger, the ones she likes now, and the ones you’ve listened to together, will show how much her music choices have influenced yours!

  9. Smellies

    A calming, relaxing, sweet smelling treat for your hard working mum will help her unwind and allow her to treat herself whenever she wants and needs. Be it a candle, bath bomb or even perfume, these gifts will not only show your mum that you care, but allow her some well-deserved me-time.

  10. Chocolate Making Experience

    And finally, our favourite, why not treat you and your mum to one of our chocolate making experiences? It’s a fun, informative and exciting way to spend time together, and you get to eat loads of chocolate together – what more could you want?

Why is Chocolate an Aphrodisiac?

There’s nothing that gets us more in the mood for romance than a chocolate experience. But is there a reason why heart shaped chocolates get our actual hearts pumping?

The science

In the 1980’s scientists in New York discovered a chemical in chocolate called Phenylethylamine (or PEA), which triggers the release of dopamine. This same chemical is released in our brains when we’re in love, and so scientists theorised that chocolate also gives us that heart-pounding, sweaty palmed feeling of true love. Although the amount of PEA in chocolate is incredibly small by the time it gets to our brains, it does make sense that we feel happy when we’re having a chocolate experience – it is chocolate after all. And what’s a better aphrodisiac than feeling happy?

The history

Long before chocolate was served in bar form it was a drink mixed with honey and spices that was greatly enjoyed by Aztec emperor Montezuma. It is said that he would drink it from golden goblets, before throwing them away, never using the same one twice for his beloved ‘chocolatl’ drink. When Montezuma needed something to fuel his long romantic nights he would drink a goblet of chocolatl before entering his harem, claiming it made his tongue dance, and pulse quicken. It’s certainly the same feeling we get when we’re sneaking leftover chocolate after one of our chocolate experience workshops.

The culture

Our go to chocolate related film is of course the creamy delight that is Chocolat. Based on the book by Joanne Harris, Chocolat follows Vianne as she moves to the small french village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes and sets up a chocolaterie, upsetting the repressed locals. One person she doesn’t upset, however, is the woman who is gifted some very special chocolate, to spice up her marriage and help her husband fall back in love with her. If Vianne believes it, then we think we do too. And if you’re single, proud, and having a you-en-tines day, why not follow in Bridget Jones’s footsteps and enjoy a relationship with two men simultaneously – “one named Ben, the other Jerry.”

Whilst it may not be scientifically proven that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it will certainly improve your life and your libido. Chocolate makes you feel good, gives you a handy sugar rush, a kick of caffeine, and the added bonus of knowing that someone loves you enough to buy you some chocolatey goodness. And if that’s not enough, you can treat yourself to a visit to our luxury chocolate making class and really spice up your valentine’s day.

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Di dunia perjudian tentunya kita kenal yang namanya keuntungan serta kerugian, satu diantara keuntungan yang akan kita ulas jelas ialah kemenangan yang kita temukan saat bermain judi online. Tidak tutup peluang jika permainan judi yang berada di dunia maya betul-betul dapat menguntungkan untuk sejumlah besar orang tetapi ada juga yang memberi kerugian saat anda bermain tidak memakai akal yang sehat, arti dari akal yang tidak sehat di sini ialah bermain secara salah yakni tidak ikuti arus permainan tetapi menyelimpang, jadi contoh anda satu orang pemula dalam bermain judi online, terutamanya untuk judi. Saat anda lihat orang lain bermain judi dengan ketrampilan mereka serta memperoleh kemenangan, anda merasakan iri serta ingin mencobanya.

Tetapi kekeliruan anda di sini ialah ikuti orang itu dengan ekpetasi dapat memperoleh kemenangan yang sama, kelirunya di sini anda ialah satu orang pemula serta semestinya anda belajar terlebih dulu pandangan dalam bermain games judi online. Nah teman dekat judi online, di kesempatan yang indah ini kami sedikit akan memberi penjelasan pada kalian berkaitan dengan banyak hal yang terkait dengan permainan judi yakni keuntungan serta kerugian. Pertama yang perlu anda tahu jika judi adalah type permainan gambling berarti jika tidak menang tentunya kalah.

Skema permainan berikut yang disenangi oleh beberapa orang dengan fakta jika bermain judi dapat menguntungkan besar, sedang kekalahan cuma sesaat saja serta dapat dikembalikan . Nah teman dekat judi online, butuh anda tahu jika tidak semua games atau permainan judi dapat memberi kemenangan, ada banyak games judi yang sebetulnya susah untuk dimainkan, tapi saat anda menguasainya karena itu kemenangan besar telah ada dimuka mata. Berikut bahasan tentang keuntungan serta kerugian bermain judi online di internet.

Pertama dalah keuntungan bermain judi online di internet.

a.         Mudah serta nyaman untuk dimainkan

Kelebihan pertama yang akan kami jika ialah tingkat kesusahan saat bermain judi online di internet, menurut tanggapan dari beberapa pemain judi online mengatakan jika bermain judi di internet sangat gampang serta nyaman, sebab dapat dioperasikan dimanapun kita ada dengan memakai handphone yang kita punya, komplet dengan pemakaian rekening yang dapat bertransaksi dengan online jelas memberi keringanan buat tiap pemain dalam lakukan transaksi.

b.         Banyak macam permainan menarik

Selanjutnya yang ke-2 ialah jumlahnya macam permainan yang menarik, lumrah bila permainan judi yang dikerjakan dengan online lumayan banyak serta beragam. Hingga penjudi pemula dapat nikmati macam permainan yang menarik.

c.         Keuntungan berbentuk bonus dan sebagainya

Yang tidak kalah menarik ialah keuntungan berbentuk bonus, jika dalam permainan poker sendiri umumnya disebutkan dengan jackpot. Bonus kemenanga bila player memperoleh gabungan kartu paling baik.

Sedang untuk kerugian bermain judi online harus juga pantas anda tahu.

a.         Bermain judi online di internet cukup riskan dengan yang namanya penipuan

b.         Bermain judi online banyak keluarkan dana bila alami kekalahan

c.         Rawan dengan situs yang di hack

d.         Keamanan kurang terjamin bila situs belum dapat memberi agunan kenyamanan

Nah itu banyak hal yang butuh anda tahu berkaitan dengan beberapa keuntungan serta kerugian bermain judi online di internet. Mungkin bila anda ada respon lain dapat di infokan lewat kotak kometar di bawah. Terima kasih.

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Well, that’s a review of our article about what pkv games are. Well, that’s a review of our article about what pkv games are. Hopefully useful and happy playing!

The Chocolate Show 2017

What is The Chocolate Show?

The Chocolate Show is an annual showcasing of some of the finest of the UK’s chocolate experts and professionals – the perfect event for the sworn chocoholic.

Professional Chocolate Making

The show is one of our favourite places to go to get inspiration on the latest in chocolate making tips, trends, tools and techniques. Last year we were blown away by some of the ‘Desert of the Year’ entries, which got our Chocolatiers’ heads in a bit of a spin!

Mini Chocolatiers

Designed as a family day out, The Chocolate Show has lots of entertainment for the littlies including a demos, a children’s area, chocolate sculptures and workshops. If they get the chocolate making bug, you can bribe them away at the end of the day with the promise of one of our Mini Chocolatiers children’s parties!

Our Hot Tip

Tickets are discounted if you book in advance (even the day before), so it’s worth getting online before you visit.

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Mengangkat untuk computer / laptop

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Bagaimana Cara Memainkan Slot Joker123 Games Online?

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Pada hari-hari sebelumnya Anda bisa memainkan game tersebut sebagai variasi pengujian dan memanfaatkan petunjuk insentif yang Kamu perlukan untuk mengatasi sesekali. Dan pula sekarang slot Joker123 games permainan di internet. Yang sudah menyilih aturan dan arahan dan banyak daripada mereka yang tumbuh untuk kesenangan & uang hadiah gede. Terlepas dari ini, beberapa permainan slot Joker123 online menggunakan hadiah besar seperti ikut serta dalam beberapa acara TV terkemuka.

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Setiap orang percaya bahwa, mereka tidak bermain di pelabuhan dalam kondisi baik, dan juga tersebut mencari kejutan keuangan yang fantastis. Kalau Anda memiliki kemampuan untuk menggunakan sifat rotasi yang ideal dalam permainan tersebut, setelah itu ada kemungkinan untuk membela hampir dua ratus dolar yang tak terhitung jumlahnya. Begitu itu berkaitan beserta metode bermain permainan ini, ini adalah salah satu slot Joker123 games online yang berisi hampir lima gulungan dan pula dua puluh garis pembayaran.

Apa-apa yang Anda dapatkan daripada Bermain Slot Joker123 Games?

Di sebagian besar waktu permainan ini bersenang-senang beserta beberapa koin. & koin ini puspa-warna dari pembuat sampai peralatan. Ini ialah konsep yang kian baik untuk start dengan koin 1 sen. Di mana Anda bisa jadi peluang memenangkan intim seribu dolar. Kalau ada yang ingin bermain dengan peluang kecil dan ingin bermain dengannya. Video game ini ialah salah satu yang menyimpangkan efektif, dan Dikau juga dapat melakukannya dengan video game ini. Anda siap menemukan simbol yang disebut liar dalam bentuk sebar melon dan juga pada jenis stroberi.

Kausa utama bahwa beberapa pemain slot Joker123 suka memanfaatkan skill quit adalah karena memungkinkan mereka untuk mengatur hasil gelung, minimum dalam sintesis. Beberapa mengatakan kalau dengan menghentikan gelung sesuai permintaan, tersebut dapat mengubah hasilnya dan membuat perlawanan antara kehilangan taruhan bola dan mungkin menerabas dinamika

Seperti yang akan diberitahukan sambil mayoritas gamer port kepada Anda. Modus operandi dalam memainkan slot Joker123 games paling utama pot modern ialah untuk dapat permainan selama mungkin tanpa gagal. Di sinilah manajemen uang yang solid mulai berlangsung.

Tujuan di kaki gunung ini adalah untuk memperpanjang uang Dikau selama layak untuk tetap bermain kian lama. Karena itu memberi Anda kian banyak peluang untuk mendapatkan cenderung manfaat dan juga di dalam akhirnya mencapai korban. Sesuatu yang sangat dapat diandalkan ialah untuk mencari tersebut. Yang mengumpulkan slot Joker123 video nusantara game yang mengirim banyak kombinasi kemenangan. Tanda hadiah yang murah hati serta pembayaran terbesar yang layak. Untuk mencapai ini, Anda tidak perlu memiliki taksiran besar untuk petikan.

Nah, itulah usulan dari artikel kita mengenai bagaimana cara bermain slot Joker123 games. Semoga beserta adanya informasi daripada artikel kami dapat bermanfaat untuk Kamu. Selamat bermain!

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

It’s that time of the year again. Mothers Day is round the corner and you’ve got no clue what to get the woman who already has the best gift in the world (you, obviously!). Well here at The Chocolate Hedgehog we thought we’d lend a helping hand by giving you 10 Mothers Day gift ideas (you’re welcome). We’ve come up with a list of some of the most unique and sickly sweet gifts imaginable. Just take a look…


1) Breakfast in bed

So it’s not the most original idea in the world, but your efforts definitely won’t go unnoticed. You could even make heart shaped pancakes to add a little extra love! Try this recipe from


2) A homemade candle

Not got much money to spend? Not a problem. Candles are surprisingly easy to make and all you need is some household items, beeswax and a candlewick. You could even get creative and make it in a teacup or a mason jar! (Oooh so Pinterest). Check out how to make them here!

Romantic night . bed , roses and , petals candles.


3) Monthly tea subscription

This is the perfect gift for your tea-addict mother. From black tea to oolong tea, the vast array of options will be sure to keep her enticed. Buy yours here.


4) Chocolate Making Kit

Every chocoholic’s dream come true. This Chocolate Making Party Kit from The Chocolate Hedgehog allows you to follow simple tips and recipes to make and pipe truffles, dip and decorate milk chocolate fudge and create flavoured chocolate bites (drool…). It’s a great way to spend time with your mum and show her how much you appreciate her. Just try to resist gobbling down all the chocolate before Mothers Day!


5) Make a compliment jar

Get ultra cheesy with a jar full of little notes describing all the things you love about your mum. From her ability to find anything that is lost, to her delicious Sunday roasts. It may take a little extra effort, but a compliment jar will show her how much she truly means to you and even give her a pick-me-up on her down days. 


6) DIY bath bombs

If you want to create a pamper day but don’t want to break the bank, DIY bath bombs are the perfect solution. Making them yourself also gives you the opportunity to personalise the bath bombs to create whatever scent and colours your mum loves most. Just a few ingredients needed and you’ll be giving Lush a run for their money! Find out how to make them here.


7) Strawberries dipped in chocolate

A simple way to create absolute luxury. Just get your favourite organic milk melting chocolate and some succulent strawberries and you’re good to go! Why not check out The Chocolate Hedgehog for some unique ingredient inspiration.




8) A blank cookbook for her to fill with family recipes

Having a personalised family cookbook not only brings together all the details of her favourite recipes, but it also means you can steal a couple tips for yourself too! Check out My Family Cookbook here.


9) Make a scrapbook filled with your favourite memories

Instead of a card this year, why not make a scrapbook filled with photos and trinkets? Search through those boxes of old photos (and albums on Facebook!) to build a collection of some of the special moments you’ve shared together. Take a look at Etsy for some photo album inspiration!


10) Make a pressed flower card

If writing a personal note is more your kind of thing, try making a pressed flower card to share your feelings in this year. It’s easy to do, cheap and beautiful. It’s also a great one to get kids involved in! Find out how to make your own pressed flower card here.