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Pressure is Great for Team Bonding

The Apprentice Chocolate Challenge for team building

When we ask our clients what the purpose of their team building activity is, we find the vast majority are looking for similar outcomes:

1. To treat their team
2. To teach their team a new skill
3. Most importantly, for everyone to leave the activity knowing something new about themselves and about their teammates

We learn the most about ourselves and those around us when we are under pressure to perform and make quick decisions.

Using this to our advantage, we created The Apprentice Chocolate Challenge. During the activity teams must create a chocolate product, the packaging and a sale pitch, all within a limited amount of time.

Teams must quickly allocate roles and work together to ensure they complete the tasks on time.

To add to the pressure, managers are often looking out to see who will keep their cool and who will crumble under the heated conditions.

Not forgetting the first outcome, we ensure the team activity is certainly a treat by supplying plenty of chocolate, props and entertaining Chocolatiers!

See The Apprentice Chocolate Challenge in action to gauge if it’s the right team activity for you: