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The 6 Stages of a Hen Party

If you’re the designated party planner, then this checklist is your new best friend! MyChocolate knows how daunting planning a special event can be when you’re anxious to get it just right, so don’t stress, just check off this list of ‘must dos’:

  1. Get Chatting – many minds mean many ideas, and getting an idea of everyone’s thoughts and expectations of the party will set you up for success, as unusual hen events can be particularly fun and memorable. Obviously the party is in honour of the bride-to-be, but she’s likely to invite family and maybe old friends, so replicating the wild nights out of your youth might not be the best idea! However you’re honoured to be in such a position of trust and you do know best when it comes to the likes and loathes of your best friend.
  2. Be Proactive – it seems obvious to say, but time can really run away with you, so be sure to leave ample time for any hiccups to rectify themselves. You’ll also be sure to get exactly what you want if you’re ready to book well in advance – and of course there’ll be time to consider those all-important Hen Party themed accessories…!
  3. Budget – Set yourself a reasonable budget to work from and get an idea of what costs you’re going to incur – that way you can try to eliminate surprises. It’s probably also a good idea to let guests know what the arrangements are for footing the bill, so that everyone’s on the same page in terms of what funds are required!
  4. Don’t Stress – you’re planning fun, so have fun doing it! Get everyone involved and plan nice surprises for the bride, or get creative and compile her a photo album of all your favourite old snaps – with space for all the new ones! If you do get a little party planner anxiety, you’ll soon shake it off when you hear how stressed the bride-to-be is for her big day…
  5. Be a Stickler – whilst stressing won’t help, being a stickler for detail beforehand will help ensure everything goes smoothly and you can relax and enjoy the fantastic party you’ve so expertly planned and coordinated.
  6. Enjoy Yourself! – you’ve earned it – having planned an exciting event, it’s time to enjoy it and be happy to see everyone else doing the same. If everything’s gone to plan, so should the party, but if it doesn’t – so what, it’ll only add to the memories!

If you’re stuck for a place to start, take a look at MyChocolate’s selection of unusual Hen events, from chocolate making to fancy cupcake decorating, all topped off with cheeky ‘choc-tails’, and see if any take your fancy.