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The Ingredients for the Perfect Hen Party

The bride is no doubt working away hard planning the big day, so it’s up to you, the ‘hens’ to give her the fun hen party that she deserves! We’ve put together a list of the ingredients for the perfect hen party, so that you can send your bride off into marriage, secure in the knowledge you gave her the best send off ever.

Ice breakers

Chances are, not everyone at a hen party is going to know each other already – university friends and work friends, ex-flatmates and aunties, all might not have had much cause to hang out together before. But you don’t want it to get awkward. Ice breaker games to kick start the party are the perfect way to make sure everyone knows who everyone is and to get some laughs going early doors. Wedding themed drinking games are a great way to kick start this, or a Mr & Mrs style quiz about the bride to be to get everyone reminiscing and sharing stories about her!

Something for everyone

Just like everyone might not know each other already, they might also have different ideas of fun. There might be guests of all ages, or some guests who don’t drink, or eat certain foods. One solution to this, and a good way to please everybody, is to divide the party up into different kinds of activities, so that people can be flexible, and not feel any pressure. Something more casual like food to start with before heading off for drinks means everyone can enjoy a piece of the special party.

Forward planning

It may seem obvious to suggest planning the hen party, but you’d be surprised! Making specific bookings at specific things for specific times will help the party to move along nicely and give the festivities a sense of direction. Similarly, thinking carefully about the bride and what she will want from the party when you’re doing your planning is of the utmost importance – it is her party after all.

Treating the bride to be… and yourselves

One of the most important things is to treat yourselves. You’re here to celebrate the woman who’s about to get hitched, but also to celebrate your friendships. Female friendship is one of the most powerful forces out there so be sure to celebrate it in style and to honour it in luxury. Make sure you do all of your favourite things, whether that be that indulging in some gorgeous chocolate or drinking some fancy cocktails.


Now that all the planning is done and the ingredients are mixed together nicely… it’s time to get your partying on. Enjoy!