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The Members You Find in Every Team Building Activity

Here at MyChocolate, we’ve seen our fair share of team building workshops, so this week we thought we’d share some of the characters that regularly pop up. Now we all know every team has its cheerleaders and those who prefer to boo from the side lines, so when it comes to an office team building activity there are bound to be some who dread the thought of organised fun with a group of people they studiously avoid all week, but what are the true personalities that make up every team – and which one are you…?

The Enthusiastic One – No words can describe this team member’s undying dedication to everything ‘team’. The first one there, the last one to leave and the only one to enjoy every single minute (and they probably made up the ridiculous team name!) Yet this is the one person who gets everyone through with their cheerleader-style encouragement, remembering you are on their team is the key to accepting this team member and overcoming your strong desire to throw things at them when things get tiring and they’re still chirping “come on GUYS we can DO this!”

The Sulker – Or the direct opponent of Mr Enthusiastic. Far too cool, and close to physically disgusted by communal team building activities. This team member will make the most disdainful comments about what you’re supposed to be doing as opposed to what they could be doing right now. They probably also have a sidekick, or some sort of BFF, there to support them in their time of endless complaining and sulky looks. Expect to find the pair leaning on well, anything, and attempting to outdo each other’s contempt. The Sulker may be no more useful than a hungover sloth, but make them feel needed and they’re bound to perk up – all that’s required is to convince them that they really are the cool guy, even if this requires a slight bending of the truth…

The Joker – This one can make anything a joke. Literally anything. The problem is that not all jokes are funny – and have you ever actually seen this person do something productive? As a team member, you’ll find the Joker directly behind your Enthusiastic leader, doing sarcastic impressions of each and every excited schoolgirl shriek and encouraging grin. Don’t underestimate the power of the Joker though, you’ll need them when something goes wrong, their witty one-liner will definitely rescue morale quicker than a stiff gin and tonic and you’ll feel a renewed sense of love for their goofy, grinning face.

The Slave-Driver – Most likely to say “DROP AND GIVE ME 20!!” well maybe not, but they could definitely be mistaken for being an army major and despite your grumblings that it’s only a team building activity, will crack the whip at anyone visibly drooping or not paying full, undivided attention. Over prepared for any eventuality, following a full kit inventory, expect to stand in line and salute! The Slave-Driver will definitely compete with the Enthusiastic one for rule of the roost, but this will be a battle the Enthusiastic leader doesn’t even know they’re a part of (they’re just SO happy to be there). Then again, when strict precision pays off and the results are fabulous, you’ll be so pleased you’ll be saluting the Slave-Driver with a well-deserved “Yes Sir!”

Looking for a team building activity that’s a little outside the norm? Look no further than one of our chocolate workshops! Let’s just hope the group isn’t overburdened with Sulkers and Slave-Drivers!