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The Ten Best Hen Party Costume Ideas

If you feel as though all Hen Party ideas have been done a million times, you may be looking for unusual hen party ideas – and that we can certainly help with. Our indulgent chocolate workshops are a great way to have fun with the girls and with a whole range of Hen Party activities on offer, including learning how to make handmade chocolates and tasty chocolate cocktails, we’re sure there’ll be something for everyone! Of course another serious consideration when it comes to a Hen Party is what to wear and if it’s fancy dress you’re going for you’ll want to pick a theme, so we’ve put together a quick top ten list of our favourite Hen Party fancy dress ideas to give you some inspiration…

  1. 80s brides: Think Madonna in ‘Like a Virgin’, white corseted lace, sheer stockings, mussed up hair and a huge dose of attitude. You’ll make for a troupe of badass looking brides with this fun look.
  2. Barbie Dolls: This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but cast your minds back to the impressive range of professions Barbie took on – we’re pretty sure ‘Scuba-Diving Barbie’ was a bestseller! It’s sure to be a fun outfit to create, especially the big hair and bug-eyed beauty makeup.
  3. Down the Decades (60s, 70s, 80s): You know the drill – get your groove on Austin Powers style, go all hippy-dippy or rock out those neon leg-warmers. There are so many ways you can go about this style, and all the crazy accessories on offer mean you can really have fun with it.
  4. Gypsy Brides: We’ve all seen the show and secretly wished to try on one of those extravagant outfits, just the once… Have fun with lashings of fake tan, colourful clothes, heavy sprinklings of diamante and huge hair.
  5. Hens: Yes, we said it, actual hens. We’re talking feathers all round and a bushy tail – a hilarious look for a gaggle of Hens. If you don’t fancy going all out, small touches like feathered head pieces and stick on beaks also make this costume an easy one to get in and out of and you can always add in the classic L plates and sashes!
  6. Pink Ladies: The classic Grease-inspired fancy dress for any group of girls. Get your pink bombers out and put in your curlers for a pretty, perky look fresh from the 50’s which will certainly stop the boys in their tracks.
  7. Vintage Style Flapper Girls: With excessive lashings of beaded spangles and sequins, fancy feathered headdresses and long strings of pearls – you won’t be able to stop your feet from dancing the Charleston!  A great fancy dress for a classy evening on the champagne.
  8. Glamorous Icons: Think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Jackie O – big hair, bigger smiles and a whole lot of glamorous personality. We’ve all wished we were one of the above at some point in our lives – so here’s your chance to dress up like an all-time icon.
  9. Rainbow: Pick a colour, go crazy! Wigs add a great touch to a colour theme, as does crazy makeup. Accessorise with tutus and cheap and cheerful jewellery to complete your colour themed look, or even go neon for a bright twist.
  10. Disney Princesses: Pick your childhood favourite and transform into a Disney dream, from sweet Snow White to feisty Pocahontas, there’s a princess to fit any personality and complete your perfect princess party, tiaras and all.