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Want Your Team to be Chocolate Connoisseurs? Then come to our Corporate Events!

Let me take this opportunity to tell you about our corporate chocolate-making events. We may be a little biased (!) but we think there are no other team building activities in London quite like our chocolate making.

So, why would you choose chocolate making for your corporate event?

1. Chocolate and team building go hand in hand

They say a productive environment is a happy environment and the same rule applies to corporate events. The great thing about chocolate is that it makes us all happy. Just the smell of it releases theta brain waves, which help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Introduce this to a corporate environment and you’ll find people are much more likely to make new contacts, relax into a new team and improve existing business relationships.

What’s more, a messy chocolate workshop is far removed from the confines of the office. By getting stuck in and using your imagination with your chocolate creations, the workplace boundaries will be broken in no time.

2. You get to learn about the wonderful world of chocolate

Whether you decide to book one of our chocolate workshops or choose to go with a networking event, prepare to be transformed from chocolate lover to fully fledged cocoa connoisseur! Discover the history of chocolate and the process from bean to bar. Samples are of course compulsory!

3. Business leaders agree

Most businesses agree that good team-building is a key part of any successful company.

In a team building environment, goals are clearly laid out and collaborated on within the whole group. With the right amount of support and feedback, each team member will fully understand the objective and expectation placed upon them. This in turn means all team members have a vested interest to successfully complete their task and help the group.

4. Feel good factor

When a team building task is successfully completed, a feel good factor filters through a group. This feeling comes from a shared sense of accomplishment. This can be very powerful for business as it breeds a winning mentality which becomes addictive.

5. Above all else – trust!

Trust is a key element to working relationships; both business and personal. Team building exercises ensure a lot of trust is placed in both team leaders delegating tasks and team members carrying out those tasks. Once trust within a team has been established and strengthened through positive feedback as well as constructive criticism, it can easily be transferred to a working environment.

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