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Why Do Food and Team Building Go Hand In Hand?

So this one is simple, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, right? And this certainly creates happy, enthusiastic and sociable people which in turn creates great team building opportunities. So why is it that food and team building go hand in hand? And how can these team building activities in London help you?

Few things can unite a group as easily as food and drink, it is this shared mutual enjoyment of something that allows people to relax and indulge in a chilled atmosphere, which can help form relationships and promote strong team building. It is therefore becoming increasingly common to see offices, companies and colleagues putting on relaxed events revolving around food to induce good team building in London.

Food creates a lot of buzz and when you get the opportunity to get together as a group and have some fun in a low stress environment, there will inevitably be some great moments of team building and friendship-making that are likely to resonate in the office. This is an especially effective way to form bonds between new groups by breaking the ice via a common interest, food. We have all experienced the laid back atmosphere of a summer BBQ or the sophisticated atmosphere of a dinner party, where it is easy to soon find yourself talking to people who were originally unfamiliar. This is precisely why a growing number of companies are using food as a team building activity and a particularly effective stress alleviation policy.

So why is team building so useful? Team building in an office is crucial as it helps to foster better, open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management. It goes a long way in improving professional relations, understanding and co-operation, and this is very much reflected in the quality of work being done.

Team building in the workplace significantly contributes towards employee motivation and building trust among the employees, thereby ensuring better productivity and of course a much more friendly place to work.

It is this unique relationship that people have with food that allows them to communally bond and build team ethos. Several ideas for team building activities are:

–         An office picnic in the sun

–         A summer BBQ

–         A dinner party

–         Visiting a restaurant

Although these rather traditional examples, food being used for team building in this way will undoubtedly be very effective. It is even truer that people will engage with each other through teamwork and co-operation. So perhaps try something rather more unorthodox:

–         Food workshops, such as making your own delicious chocolates

–         Cocktail making class

–         Group cooking

Allow people to work together, with a common goal and leaving with a sense of achievement.

Whatever the team building activity you decide to undertake, using food as a main focus is guaranteed to be a real hit and will get everybody involved!