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Would you make a good Hen Party planner?

We’ve seen many a Hen party here at MyChocolate and been touched by the lengths Hens go to to plan a perfect party. Whether you’re party girls or prefer nothing more than a good night in, planning a Hen do for a friend is such an exciting opportunity to show her just how much you care. The bride-to-be’s most loyal friends are probably being trusted to plan a great party, with maybe just a few surprises! In fact, these days ladies are branching out from the crazier ‘Stag’-esque nights out and looking instead to plan unique hen parties, giving Hens a better chance to do what Hens do best, chatter!

Hens are happiest in a gaggle, and without the need to prance like Stags, a girl’s Hen night is the perfect time to relax and share advice (and maybe a few embarrassing stories). Creating a good party atmosphere requires a balance of expectation and surprise, and it can be easy to get carried away in the planning process. However, a good Hen always has the bride in mind and won’t subject her to a chubby, middle-aged strip-o-gram if she knows it will really make her squirm! Yet there’s only so much one can plan, as we all know that what really makes a party are the guests; great friends make for a great time.

A Hen Party is what you make it, but a good Hen is always on task to ensure smooth running, looking after the bride after a few too many cocktails and being sure to take snaps of every special moment! A Hen’s most important job is to remind the bride they are always there for her as she takes such a momentous step in her life, and talk her through any anxiety she may be experiencing, because that’s what friends are for, right? Lasting memories and moral support are a Hen’s greatest gift to a bride-to-be, and she’ll be eternally grateful. Whilst she may be enjoying a ‘final night of freedom’, the bride-to-be will probably appreciate being told how wonderful her man is, she’s just about to enter into a huge commitment and it won’t hurt to big up her other half in anticipation of their special day, letting her know she has your full approval!

If you’re planning a Hen party and need ideas, your first thoughts may be quite traditional, but looking into other ideas may throw up some gems. Now obviously we’re a little biased, but we believe a good Hen would most definitely provide an indulgent supply of every girl’s best friend – chocolate… and our unique hen parties are packed full of it! From chocolate making to cocktail shaking, what better way to bond than over a classy ‘choc-tail’? Watch out gents, here come the Hens!