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Our chocolate workshop for schools is a fascinating experience of learning, tasting, touching and making. Simultaneously educational and fun, this workshop is informed by the school curriculum and designed to be adapted for different age groups.

Touch, taste, Learn
The adventure begins with the Master Chocolatiers hearing about some of the magical historical legends of chocolate, learning about the manufacture of chocolate from bean to bar, with the chance to handle a chocolate pod, touch chocolate beans and cacao butter, taste chocolate nibs, experience 100% chocolate and play a guessing game for special secret chocolate ingredient.

The Junior Apprentice Chocolate Challenge
After a brief introduction to the commercial side of chocolate making, children get set a team challenge to design their own chocolate brand. They then get stuck into the messy business of making their product, designing and creating their packaging and poster art work, before having to use persuasive language to ‘sell’ their ‘product’. Depending on the age and requirements of the participants, we can frame this either as a team competition or simply as a fun group challenge.