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Looking for an unusual and fabulously fun birthday party idea? Suitable for children and teenagers alike, our Mini Chocolatiers chocolate parties let everyone get stuck into our high quality chocolate and experience the magic of creating their very own decorated delights. We’ll be sure to entertain with chocolate legends of old and inspire with creative designs.  It’s bound to create a mini bombsite, but once it’s raining chocolate sprinkles, we know the chocolate party has truly begun! There’ll be large quantities of fun and equal amounts of yummy food to take home afterwards. After all, it’s never too early to be introduced to an appreciation of good chocolate!

Magical Chocolate Legends
Our Chocolatiers will take the children on an enchanting story through the magical legends of chocolate, with plenty of mini tastings along the way.

Giant Chocolate Button Making
Everyone will create and decorate a giant chocolate button, getting as crafty as they can. We’ll be keeping the fun factor high by awarding prizes for the most creative design.

Chocolate Fudge Dipping and Decorating
This is where the seriously messy fun starts. Everyone will cut, dip and decorate gorgeously smooth chocolate fudge, to create tasty handmade treats to be proud of. With chocolate shavings, strawberry curls, coconut and chocolate buttons, it’s liberal sprinklings of everything all round!

Goody Bags
Every child will take away party bags crammed full of their own yummy handmade chocolate creations.