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A deliciously fun, educational introduction to chocolate for School Groups of 15 to 60 children, this experience entails an hour-long chocolate demonstration and discovery with some exciting tasters along the way!

Touch, taste, Learn
The adventure begins with the children hearing about some of the magical historical legends of chocolate, learning about the manufacture and science of chocolate from bean to bar, with the chance to handle a chocolate pod, touch chocolate beans, cacao butter, chocolate nibs and taste 100% chocolate.

Chocolatier’s Demonstration
The group will then get to see a Chocolatier in action, tempering chocolate, shaping and decorating to make a chocolate master piece. Watch our Chocolatier use professional dipping forks to make marbled patterns and create impressive designs with decorations such as honeycomb, white chocolate flakes and strawberry curls.

Chocolate Making
Every child will take home a goody bag with a piece of our Chocolatier’s beautiful chocolate slab.

The experience is a great introduction to the origins and craft of chocolate and chocolate making.