Chocolate Treasure Hunt

It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s creative, it’s witty….. and it’s a highly entertaining activity for all ages. In this race against the clock, you will need to use your thinking skills to solve a series of clues, scavenge a number of items, take some brilliantly creative snaps and win some great prizes! You can work in pairs or in a team of up to ten people.

Strategy and Clue Solving
After you have been briefed, you and your companions will head off with a treasure hunt pack filled with clues, riddles, maps and – of course – essential chocolate supplies. You will have to work together to set the strategy, solve the clues, plan the route and get the questions answered.

Scavenger Points and Photo Challenges
You will be given bags of chocolate coins, to ‘bribe’ your way to gathering the Scavenger items. During the race, you will also need to keep your eyes peeled and wits about you to collect the Photo Bonus points. There’ll be loads of chances to get some great snaps, so everyone can get their pose on!

The more clues you solve, the better the prize… but, whatever size the prize, everyone will leave with a bag of delicious Belgian chocolate to take home and enjoy.