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We think we’ve found a winning combination – cocktails and chocolate! In this wickedly indulgent soiree, you’ll be plunged into a heady mix of mixology and chocolate alchemy, experiencing new and exotic flavours as our Chocolatiers bewitch with their rich chocolate blends. The Cocktail and Chocolate Making Workshop will give guests the chance to blend and shake their own cocktails and learn how to make chocolate as try their hand at combining rich chocolate flavours.

Chocolate Mixology
The workshop starts with a bang, in the form of Prohibition style eclectic cocktails combining intriguing flavours with classic recipes, making for taste twists that will really get you talking! You’ll be guided through the background and concepts of mixology and cocktail making, using bartending techniques (such as blending, muddling, shaking and straining) before leaving all you know about mixing traditional cocktails at the door to create some unique mixes. Exploring the science of tasting, you’ll discover how ingredients interact and complement one another in fascinating ways, with guidance from the masters and of course a lot of testing and tasting!

Fresh Truffle Making
After the cocktails, it’s time for the chocolate making fun to begin. Our Chocolatiers will take you through the master demonstrations, sharing the tricks of adventurous combinations using herbs, spices, essential oils and chocolate, before you dive into dipping smooth and rich dark chocolate truffles with decorations such as, white chocolate flakes, strawberry curls and honeycomb.

Prizes and Goody Bags
We’ll be awarding special prizes throughout your event, for creative ingenuity and the most original infusions and mixes. Every team member will leave with their own chocolate creations (including at least 15 handmade chocolates), packaged up in gorgeous ribbon tied bags.