It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s creative, it’s witty….. and it’s a test of ingenuity and teamwork. In this race against the clock, teams will need to use their thinking skills to solve a series of clues, scavenge a number of items and take some brilliantly creative snaps. The Chocolate Treasure Hunt is a great team activity, designed to get groups working together. Everyone in the team will have a designated role to play, to ensure a fun-filled team spirit and camaraderie.

Strategy and Clue Solving
After the teams are set up and briefed, each heads off with a treasure hunt pack filled with clues, riddles, maps and – of course – essential chocolate supplies. Everyone will have to work together to set the strategy, solve the clues, plan the route and get the questions answered.

Scavenger Points and Photo Challenges
Each team will have a bag of chocolate coins, to ‘bribe’ their way to gathering the Scavenger items. During the race, they will also need to keep their eyes peeled and wits about them to collect the Photo Bonus points.

The winning team will all leave with a bag of chocolate, to take home and enjoy. Bonus points will also be awarded for creative ingenuity and general strategic excellence!

Duration: 2.5 hours